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Reading an NTA Certification or Evaluation Report

An NTA Listing Report gives confidence to all interested parties that a product, process or service fulfills specified requirements and has undergone evaluation for code compliance. The value of evaluation and/or certification is the degree of confidence and trust that is established by an impartial and competent demonstration of fulfillment of specified requirements by a third party.

An NTA Report is divided into many sections. These sections cover important information about code requirements, installation, identification, conditions of use, and more.

NTA Report Sections

  1. CSI Division Number: NTA Reports are categorized according to Construction Specification Institute's Masterformat System
  2. Report Holder: Name and address of the company that applied for an NTA Report, and the Manufacturing Location where the product is manufactured
  3. Subject: the product covered by the report
  4. Scope: codes used for certification and evaluation
  5. Uses: Identifies how the product is to be used according to the code provisions
  6. Description: general product descriptionfo basic features such as dimensions
  7. Design: general design requirments or limitations
  8. Installation: general or specific requirements to aid in verifying proper installation
  9. Conditions of Use: statement of product conformity to code or a suitable replacement, and a list of the conditions under which the product was certified
  10. Report Number: a unique number given to every report
  11. Evidence Submitted: general data used in certifying the product (test report, equations, instructions, etc.)
  12. Findings: findings specific to each report on compliance
  13. Identification: specific requirements on product identification to comply with report

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