Window and Door Testing and Evaluation

Window and Door Evaluation

Doors, windows and skylights share many of the same testing considerations and must have their code compliance verified according to the standards and specifications set forth by the AAMA, WDMA and CAS in the AAMA/WDMA/CAS 101.S.2/A440-08.

In accordance with the International Residential Code (IRC), International Building Code (IBC ) and HUD, all exterior doors are required to be listed and labeled. While this has been a requirement for a long time, now state and local officials are also enforcing it.

What NTA can do

NTA can evaluate doors and windows for everything from energy efficiency to performance in severe weather. NTA also has experience providing R&D testing, whether to determine if the product is code compliant or meets internal needs.

NTA is approved to conduct testing for HUD programs, as well as AAMA standards, and the Window and Door (WDMA) Hallmark Certification Program which is considered the mark of excellence among architects, contractors and other specifiers and is accepted industrywide. We also perform testing related to meeting the American Architectural Manufacturer Association (AAMA) standards.

NTA can provide testing for:

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