Structural Assembly Testing and Evaluation

Structural Assembly Evaluation

Structural Assembly Testing provides a basis for understanding how various building assemblies will continue to perform their intended function under various conditions. Some areas require additional code compliance based on their unique climate, such as hurricane or earthquake prone areas (ie: the 2010 Florida Building Code, which was developed after Hurricane Andrew, and first implemented in 2001).

CFR 3280 states: “Every structural assembly tested shall be capable of meeting the Proof Load Test or the Ultimate Load Test ”. The 2015 IBC (International Building Code) Chapter 17: Structural Tests and Special Instructions discusses seismic resistance requirements, materials strength and other important factors necessary to receive certification as a code compliant structural assembly.

What NTA can do

The NTA test lab performs proof load testing as well as many other types of code compliance testing for structural assemblies as part of an NTA certification program, such as:

NTA is accredited by the IAS (International Accreditation Service) under ISO/IEC 17025 to test structural assemblies according to the following standards:

View the NTA IAS Certificate of Accreditation to see our Scope of Accreditation in entirety.

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