Gypsum and MgO Testing and Evaluation

Drywall Evaluation and Testing

NTA provides code compliance testing for the certification of gypsum wall board. Often called drywall, wallboard or plasterboard, with its gypsum core, it has a natural fire resistance that is often increased with the use of special core additives. NTA is your ‘one stop shop’ for all your gypsum testing needs. Being able to have all of your testing performed under one roof, by a single vendor, saves time and money. NTA has an IAS Accredited lab and certification program that can evaluate every aspect of your gypsum.

Here are just some of the tests we provide:

  • Water resistance
  • Water vapor transmission
  • Flexural strength
  • Humidified deflection
  • Nail pull resistance
  • Dimensions and tolerances
  • Exterior gypsum soffit
  • Fire resistance
  • Gypsum sheathing
  • Ceiling board
  • Shear strength
  • Sampling for testing
ASTM E96 Video

What NTA can do

Our IAS Accreditation allows us to perform (and contract) a variety of test methods that will determine if your product is code compliant (determining the fire resistance, strength, water resistance, etc.) in accordance with the American Society for Gypsum Board Testing and Materials Specifications and Test Methods.

Just a few of these tests are listed below:

For more information about our gypsum board testing and certification services, contact us.

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