Foam Testing and Evaluation

Foam Insulation Evaluation

Foams are often used for insulation with a wide variety of applications. They’re found in walls, ceilings, roofs, attics, structural insulated panels (SIPs) and patio assemblies and, in the case of geofoam, as a foundation for laying roads.

NTA understands that different foams serve different needs, and each is subject to different standards for code compliance. Four common foams are expanded polystyrene, extruded polystyrene, preformed polyisocyanurate and spray polyurethane.

Chapter 26 of the 2012 International Building Code outlines the code compliance requirements for foam plastic insulation used in exterior walls. NTA can verify code compliance by performing these generally required tests (although other tests, such as ASTM C297, could also be performed):

What NTA can do

NTA can help you meet the above minimal code compliance requirements. Just some of the additional tests NTA can perform include:

  • Density
  • Dimensional stability
  • Water absorption
  • Thermal resistance
  • Compressive resistance
  • Water vapor permeance (Watch our ASTM E96 video)
  • Oxygen index
  • Closed-cell content
  • Surface bearing characteristics
  • Tensile strength (ASTM C297)
  • Leachable chloride, fluoride, silicate and sodium ions
  • Response to thermal and humid aging

NTA is one of the only testing laboratories that offers manufacturers a single-stop solution for all testing, certification, inspection and follow-up services. Having all required services performed by a single vendor saves you a significant amount of time and money.

NTA is accredited by the International Accreditation Service, or IAS, under:

Other Foam Insulation tests include:

  • ASTM E84: Standard test method for Surface burning characteristics of Building Materials
  • ASTM E96: Standard test method for water vapor transmission of materials
  • ASTM C271: Standard test method for density of sandwich core materials
  • ASTM C272: Standard test method for water absorption of core materials for sandwich constructions
  • ASTM C273: Standard test method for shear properties of sandwich core materials
  • ASTM C297: Standard test method for flatwise tensile strength of sandwich constructions
  • ASTM C303: Standard test method for dimensions and density of preformed block and board-type thermal insulation
  • ASTM C364: Standard test method for edgewise compressive strength of sandwich construction
  • ASTM C365: Standard test method for flatwise compressive properties of sandwich cores
  • ASTM C393: Standard test method for core shear properties of sandwich constructions by beam flexure
  • ASTM C578: Standard specification for rigid, cellular polystyrene thermal insulation
  • ASTM C591: Standard specification for unfaced preformed rigid cellular polyisocyanurate thermal insulation
  • ASTM C1029: Standard specification for spray-applied rigid cellular polyurethane thermal insulation
  • ASTM C1289: Standard specification for faced rigid cellular polyisocyanurate thermal insulation board
  • ASTM D1621: Standard test method for compressive properties of rigid cellular plastics
  • ASTM D1622: Standard test method for apparent density of rigid cellular plastics
  • ASTM D1623: Standard test method for tensile and tensile adhesion properties of rigid cellular plastics
  • ASTM D2126: Standard test method for response of rigid cellular plastics to thermal and humid aging

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