Adhesive Testing and Evaluation


NTA knows that the building code may not always require certification of compliance, but there are good reasons to undergo adhesive performance testing. If you manufacture an adhesive, an NTA certification allows you to back up your marketing claims with independent third-party verification of code compliance.

If you’re manufacturing something that requires an adhesive, you still need a to make sure all of its component materials are in compliance with current codes by participating in a certification program. For example, can your adhesive stand up to fire? What is its humidity tolerance or shear strength? Or maybe you’re trying to decide which adhesive to use in your product. NTA offers comparative testing to help you answer these and other questions.

ASTM (ASTM International is one of the largest voluntary standards developing organizations in the world) provides a wealth of standards that can be used in the evaluation and testing of adhesives. The ASTM standards:

What NTA can do

NTA is one of the only testing laboratories that offers manufacturers a single–stop solution for all testing, inspection, certification and follow-up services. Having all required services performed by a single vendor saves you a significant amount of time and money.

NTA is accredited by the International Accreditation Service, or IAS, under ISO/IEC 17025 to test, ISO/IEC 17020 to inspect, and ISO/IEC 17065 to certify adhesives for building materials,manufactured homes and modular factory built construction.

Whether you need to test an adhesive for use in structural insulated panels (SIPs), walls (including shear walls), or composite and engineered lumber, NTA has a rigorous test process to ensure your products get certified to the latest building code standards.

NTA conducts the following tests on adhesives:

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