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RV Plan Approval Packages

Recreational Vehicles are specifically designed to fulfill temporary or transportable housing for consumers in recreational and seasonal (i.e.: camping) settings, and are either motorized or towable trailers. While many states do not have state RV plan submittal programs, the states of Washington, Oregon and Nebraska, as well as the country of Canada, require state review and approval of RV plans. Canadian and state approvals require periodic renewals, and the paperwork involved can be time consuming since each one has its own application process.

NTA can help!

Do you have trouble keeping track of RV code changes, renewal dates, and the required paperwork? NTA has an automated tracking system that notifies us when a plan is going to expire — this ensures no plan will get overlooked. NTA also stays informed on code changes, and we know how each state works, so we can create a submittal plan for your models, track your approvals, handle the paperwork, and in general, make the plan submittal process easier on you! We can even work with your existing listing agency to provide Canadian RV plan submittal packages.

NTA offers complete RV plan submittal packages that include:

Download our RV Plan Approval Brochure.

For more information on how NTA can give you more time to focus on other important considerations by tracking RV code changes, renewal dates and necessary paperwork, contact us.

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