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NTA is Taking the ENERGY STAR Challenge and Doing More with Less

January 4, 2010

NAPPANEE, IN: NTA, Inc. is taking the ENERGY STAR® Challenge to help improve the energy efficiency of America’s commercial and industrial buildings by 10 percent or more. In doing so, NTA will decrease the production of greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change. This national call-to-action asks organizations of all sizes to take simple steps to improve energy efficiency through use of ENERGY STAR products and designing ENERGY STAR compliant buildings to help make the world a better place. We invite you to join us in taking the Challenge and help us make a difference for the environment.

The first step NTA is taking as an ENERGY STAR partner is to improve our facility and make our buildings more energy efficient. We’ll be able to maintain our high standards of performance as usual, but use fewer resources in the process. Not only will our actions benefit the environment, but we’ll also reduce energy costs and help NTA’s bottom line. Reducing energy use doesn’t stop with us, though. We can all make changes at work and home to protect our environment and curb energy use − and save money in the process.

In addition to taking advantage of the ENERGY STAR program to improve the efficiency of our own buildings, we also provide our HUD, modular and stick built clients with energy rating testing services. NTA, Inc. also takes an active role in spreading the word by educating the local businesses and residents of Nappanee through our participation with the Greener Nappanee Advisory Board.

Did you know:

The latest news is to think big about the future with a smaller impact on the environment. Visit www.energystar.gov/Challenge to learn more about the ENERGY STAR Challenge and for information on how you can become energy efficient. NTA has Certified Home Energy Rating Specialists that can help ensure that your new construction or existing buildings are compliant with the Energy Star® program.

About NTA: NTA, Inc., located in Nappanee, Indiana, provides building product certification, building code compliance review, engineering design services, inspection and product testing. The company has over 60 trained professional engineers, plan reviewers, technicians, consultants and design draftsmen with professional registrations in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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