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Heavy Timber Frame Engineering and Design

Heavy Timber Framing is a type of building construction where heavy timbers are used for the frame, rather than smaller, dimensional lumber such as 2 x 4-in. or 2 x 6-in. Timber framing utilizes mortise and tenon joints, in conjunction with wooden pegs, to secure the interlocking large timbers. This is different than 'traditional', dimensional stick-built, post and beam, or log construction. This method has proven to be an effective means of construction for barns and similar structures.

Additional benefits of NTA Engineering

NTA is able to make heavy timber frame construction even more efficient given their extensive knowledge and background using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). Because Structural Insulated Panels are already insulated and can be assembled quickly, integrating SIPs with heavy timber design keeps projects moving at the desired pace. SIPs also allow the heavy timber frame of the structure to be visible from the inside (while maintaining its energy efficiency). Often times, this technique provides a design element that is desired by the end user. NTA also offers CAD assistance to all heavy timber frame design projects.

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Heavy Timber Frame

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