Energy Certification

Environmental Certification

With an ever-increasing demand for higher energy efficiency, more and more “Certified Green” products are appearing across the globe. However, a product stating that it is “Certified Green” does not guarantee that the certification program it participated in was the most thorough and trustworthy. How do you prove your product is not only energy efficient or "green", but meets environmental requirements? You offer proof of independent, third party code evaluation and certification by a nationally recognized agency. NTA offers multiple Environmental Certification programs for evaluating the code compliance of a variety of building products.

All of the environmental certification programs that have been created are based upon an achievement, point-based rating system. NTA’s professional certifiers and verifiers strive to achieve the maximum amount of points for each respective environmental program.

Evidence of Code Compliance

Once a product has been certified, it receives a Certificate, which is available in our Listing Directory. The certificate provides evidence of code compliance to environmental regulations, as well signifying your participation in ongoing follow-up services.

Scope of Accreditation

We are not accredited for green certifications and this program is run by the modular department now.

For more information on our Testing, Inspection and Building Product Certification programs, including steps involved in this process and applicable fees, contact us.

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