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NTA Product Certification Programs

Today’s consumers are more concerned with code compliant, dependable and environmentally friendly products than ever before. NTA’s certification programs include the latest in code evaluation and verification of in-plant quality control programs to provide the evidence you need to get your products noticed. We offer testing, inspection and certification for code compliance, environmental regulations, building product evaluation, and also to prove your social responsibility to the public at large. Working with NTA helps maintain product safety and performance attributes, while proving your credibility to the market.

Certification Services

Steps to Certification

The certification process consists of five key components and can be applied to single or multiple attribute certification (the following is a general overview of the NTA testing and certification program, and depending on the type of product being certified, or the program chosen, some steps may be slightly different):

Phase One: Initially, the potential client will receive an application packet. Once receipt of the signed application for certification and contracts have been received, the process of generating the test plan for the product begins. This is also when consideration is given as to what claims can be made, and which national or international recognized test standards will be performed to validate these claims.

Phase Two: Once the application has been reviewed and approved, test data and/or product sampling by inspection services is submitted and the testing is performed.

Phase Three: The Quality Control Manual will be reviewed to ensure it adequately describes the methods and procedures utilized in the product’s manufacture. Once the manual review has been completed, a Plant Certification Audit (inspection) will be completed.

Phase Four: NTA will review all of the test data and material submitted, and certification decision is rendered. This decision is made by NTA, Inc. qualified personnel who are different than the evaluating personnel. The Executive Vice President will provide a final review and document the decision on official NTA documents.

Phase Five: After the certification has been issued, plant surveillance inspection audits will begin to ensure the processes described in the Quality Manual are being maintained. Surveillance testing will be conducted to verify that the products’ performance continues to meet the requirements of their program.

The NTA Mark: A symbol of Code Compliance

Once a product has completed its code evaluation, and its quality control program has been verified, it receives a code report, along with NTA’s nationally recognized certification mark. Certification Marks are a common method that consumers, code officials and regulators look for when determining compliance to safety and code requirements.

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Certification Program

Scope of Accreditation

We are accredited under ISO/IEC 17065 (view our Certificate of Accreditation) to provide testing, inspection and certification for a variety of building products. With our highly trained and experienced test lab, and with our network of auditors across the United States and global partners, we can partner with you wherever you are!

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