CAD Services

CAD Services

The CAD (computer aided design, or computer aided drafting) Services Department has multiple International Code Council (ICC) Certifications in all disciplines that enable to us to draw with intent and provide support where you need it the most. Our Technicians have many of the same certifications and code training that our plan reviewers have, which means you get all the technical expertise and code knowledge you would expect from an NTA Plan Reviewer, but for your drawings and designs. What better way to create your plans than with the assistance of a Certified Technician who also knows and understands the code (including Canadian code) in the same manner as a plan reviewer? This knowledgeable drafting will save you time and money, and not just on traditional drawings, we are also experts for RV Plan Approvals, and more!

NTA CAD Services Offers Additional Benefits

We have the added benefit of being able to work with your current third party agency, engineering team, drafting technician, or, we can pull a team together for you at NTA! This means we have the ability to tackle any project, big or small, from an individual component to a large complex. Some of the services we provide are:

  • 3D Drawing Packages
  • SIP Panel Design Packages
  • Timber Frame Packages
  • Post Frame Packages
  • Metal Plate Connected Truss Prints
  • Residential Modular Approvals (conflict in certain states)
  • Commerical Modular Approvals (conflict in certain states)
  • Manufactured Housing (conflict if we currently provide inspections and approvals)
  • RV Approvals for the approval states (as well as Canadian approvals) – find out more about our RV Plan Approvals
  • Park Model Approvals for the approval states (as well as Canadian Approvals)
  • Structural Details
  • Production Drawings
  • Installation Manuals
  • Individual Components (such as Plumbing Isometrics, Electrical Fans, Foundation Design and Blocking Plans)
Modular Drawings

Our CAD department provided drawings for this custom modular in South Georgia.

Download the NTA CAD Brochure for more information, or contact us!

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