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Manufacturers use a third party agency for product or material testing to verify that their product will perform as promised, to determine code compliance or as part of a certification program. There are several types of testing to choose from, but how do you know which type of testing you need - should you have exploratory, assessment, validation, certification or comparison? Start by asking: what is the purpose for testing your product? To determine code compliance? Are you looking to gain an edge over a competitor? Do you need to find ways to reduce costs? Are you looking to improve product performance? Once you have figured out what your testing goal is, you are half way there! A reputable, third party lab, like NTA, will then be able to advise you on which type of testing you need.

Accredited Material and Product Testing

NTA is a third party provider of independent product and material testing services, and we offer the specific technology, IAS accredited (view our Certificate of Accreditation) testing programs, extensive experience and detailed analysis of the results you need to give your building product credibility with both consumers and regulatory agencies.

If you need a way to professionally, precisely and accurately test your products or materials in a controlled laboratory environment, contact NTA today!