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NTA, Inc.

Third Party Services to get you Simply Certified!

Building and building product testing, inspection and certification are so important, yet they can seem so overwhelming. That’s why NTA is dedicated to providing building industry professionals with the highest quality, third party services they need to ensure the public’s safety in the built environment. Thanks to the deep expertise and specialized technology of our IAS accredited lab, we make the product testing and code evaluation process simple, seamless and efficient, so that your product is Simply Certified.

What NTA can do for you

NTA not only provides third party testing and inspection, but we offer a range of services such as code evaluation, plan review and engineering services.



With our ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17020 and ISO/IEC 17065 accreditations, we are able to offer you a ‘one–stop–shop’ for all of your third party needs(see a complete list of our credentials).



NTA has licensed engineers in all 50 states, as well as Guam and the District of Columbia. Our engineering staff includes both Code Experts and P.E.’s to ensure that each client receives above and beyond customer service.

CAD Services


Our CAD department offers many services by technicians who have many of the same certifications as our plan reviewers. This expertise and knowledge means your plans are created with code compliance in mind from the start.



Our IAS accredited, third party product certification services verify a building product‘s compliance to standards, conformity to code and provides in–plant verification of quality programs. View our Certificate of Accreditation.

Plan Review


NTA is an industry leader in verifying that HUD, modular, residential and commercial buildings are compliant to the IRC, IBC and other standards. We provide third party plan services in all 50 states and parts of Canada.

Quality Audit


NTA is the third party of choice for residential & commercial housing because of our ability to deliver inspections by knowledgeable personnel. Operating out of five regional offices, we have earned recognition from authorities with jurisdiction nationwide.